All on 4



Have you lost a tooth or teeth?  If you only need to replace a single tooth, you can have Crown & Bridgework or a Single Tooth Implant.  Would you like to replace all of your teeth with a beautiful, functional set of surgically placed teeth that will remain permanently in place?  Do you have removable dentures, but are tired of dealing with the constant upkeep and pain? Wondering if bone loss or periodontal disease might prevent you from being a candidate for implants?  The All-On-4 implant surgery procedure may be a tooth replacement option for your dental care!

All-on-4 is a dental treatment plan with a high success rate.  A dental implant is performed under sedation dentistry (nitrous oxide-laughing gas, IV sedation, oral sedation) and completely replaces the tooth root.  With All-on-4, your smile is transformed using only four dental implants – two straight and two tilted.  Since we use your existing bone structure and tilted implants, a bone graft isn’t needed.  This method is very similar to the DENTCA 4 because your new set of teeth will remain fixed securely in your mouth and will only be removed at regular dental visits.  

The advantage of the all on four procedure is that we can remove all of the old, broken-down teeth and secure the new set of teeth to the implants in one appointment.  You won’t have to wear a denture because you walk out of our office with new teeth the same day of your procedure. Your new teeth will look similar to your natural teeth.


What’s the cost of All-On-4?

Dental implants are entirely customizable for your teeth and mouth which means the cost will vary for each patient.  Please schedule a free consultation to receive an individualized treatment plan which includes an estimated value.