Crown & Bridgework


Crown & Bridgework

Your chewing ability and facial structure are negatively affected when you are missing one or more teeth.  Crowns or bridgework can be used to fashion a realistic replacement for missing teeth.  Damaged or missing tooth, crowns, and bridgework are recommended if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth.   Both will require the same maintenance as your natural teeth.  Daily brushing and flossing as well as keeping your regularly scheduled dental cleanings.



A crown is used to go over the top of a damaged tooth.  It strengthens the tooth underneath while also improving its appearance.  Crowns can be made from porcelain or ceramic which mirror the color of your natural teeth.  Crowns come in a variety of gold, metal alloys, and acrylic.  These options are stronger than porcelain crowns; however, porcelain can be attached to a metal shell to strengthen the material.



Bridgework goes across space where you are missing a tooth or teeth.  A bridge is cemented to your natural teeth which act as anchors for the bridgework. You will need at least three crowns to build a bridge.  Two crowns will go over the healthy teeth next to your missing one.   The third crown is placed in the middle of the two crowns.  More crowns are necessary to bridge the gap if more than one tooth is missing.

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