Dentca 4

DENTCA 4- Texas Sedation Dental and Implant Center is proud to be the first DENTCA 4 center in the state of Texas.  This revolutionary treatment option allows patients to replace all of their teeth (top, bottom, or both) with a fixed option that stays permanently in place.  With DENTCA 4, four implants are placed, and a temporary denture is fabricated for the patient to wear during the 4-6 month healing period.  After the healing process is complete, a set of permanent zirconia teeth are made to fit over the implants.  These teeth are only removed in the dentist’s office at cleaning appointments.  The video below demonstrates the strength and durability of these zirconia teeth, which allow for a beautiful, long-term solution that restores the ability to eat without having to worry about any shifting or rocking of the teeth.