Stress-Free Sedation

IV Conscious Sedation– With IV sedation, patients are finally able to relax during their dental appointments.  Sedatives are administered in a way that allows the doctor to achieve patient comfort very quickly and adjust the level of sedation throughout the procedure.  During the entire sedation, oxygen is administered and vital signs are monitored to ensure maximum safety.  You will remain conscious throughout the sedation, but most patients find that they remember little to nothing from their procedures.  If you are someone who is afraid of the dentist, this type of sedation is going to be the best option for your dental treatment.

Dr. Kendall is passionate about education and has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education over the last eight years.  He was awarded the Master of the College of Sedation by the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.  This distinction has only been awarded to a handful of Texas dentists. Dr. Kendall also has extensive training in all phases of oral implant rehabilitation including All On 4’s, DENTCA 4, implant dentures, and single tooth implant replacements. He is a member of the International college of oral implantologists.