Dental Implants


Missing Multiple Teeth?

Are you missing more than one tooth?   We want to help you get your smile back! Schedule a free consultation, and we will work with you to determine the best treatment option (Crown & Bridgework or Implants which include All-On-4 and Dentca 4).


Crown & Bridgework

Crowns or bridgework can be used to fashion a realistic replacement for missing teeth. Damaged or missing tooth and bridgework may be suggested if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth.


Dental Implants

It is not necessary to place an implant for every missing tooth because implant teeth act as supports for fixed bridgework. Let’s say you are missing three teeth in a row.  We can place one implant on each side of the missing teeth putting a crown in between which would have no implant underneath. None of your remaining natural teeth are used as bridge supports.  Using natural teeth as support could weaken them and make them more susceptible to decay.  To learn more about the Dental Implants procedure, visit our Implants page.