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Sleep Apnea in Longview and Tyler, Texas

Most people don’t realize how much noise and movement they actually make while they sleep. If you’ve ever observed someone sleep, you probably noticed that they frequently snore, change positions, and occasionally even move their bodies. This is perfectly normal and poses no health risks to the majority of people. These movements, however, can be much more severe and can disturb sleep patterns in people with sleep apnea. People who have sleep apnea frequently wake up feeling exhausted as a result, regardless of how early they went to bed the previous night.

It’s critical to consult a sleep expert right away if you suspect that you may have sleep apnea. To help you maintain an open airway while you sleep in the interim, Dr. Kendall might be able to give you a mouth guard or dental splint. These gadgets may occasionally be sufficient to reduce the signs of sleep apnea and enable sufferers to get a good night’s sleep.


What Is Sleep Apnea?

A serious condition that can negatively affect your health is sleep apnea. Obstructive and central sleep apnea are the two varieties of the condition.

Obstructive sleep apnea, the most prevalent type, happens when the body tries to breathe but the airway is blocked by something. This may result in periodic breathing pauses throughout the course of the night, which may result in long-term sleep deprivation and other health issues. It’s possible to treat sleep apnea, but it’s crucial to see a doctor for a diagnosis and course of action. Sleep apnea can seriously harm your health if it is not treated.

A less frequent type of sleep apnea called central sleep apnea occurs when the brain isn’t working properly and the signal telling your respiratory system to breathe isn’t sent. The airway is not blocked, unlike in obstructive sleep apnea; rather, the breathing muscles do not get the signal to breathe. Because of this, diagnosing and treating central sleep apnea may be more challenging. There are, however, a number of efficient treatment options, such as CPAP therapy and adaptive servo-ventilation. It is crucial to talk to your doctor if you believe you may have central sleep apnea so that you can receive the proper care.

Both types of sleep apnea, if untreated, can result in serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and arrhythmia. Treatment for sleep apnea frequently involves using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine as well as lifestyle modifications like weight loss and changes in sleeping position. Surgery may also be required in some circumstances. Visit a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment if you suspect you may have sleep apnea.

Snoring, gasping for air, and frequent awakenings are all symptoms of sleep apnea, which you or a loved one may have. However, you might not be aware that sleep apnea can negatively impact your health. The condition, which is brought on by an obstruction of the airway, results in sleep-inhibited breathing.

The brain and body may suffer from this lack of oxygen, which raises the risk of complications like heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. It’s critical to see a doctor as soon as possible if you think you might have sleep apnea or someone you know does. With the right care, you can contribute to your health improvement and lower your risk of later experiencing life-threatening complications.


What Can A Dentist Do To Help?

Dr. Kendall is committed to ensuring that his patients have the most restful sleep possible. In a private consultation, he will inquire about your sleeping patterns and medical background. Additionally, he might advise you to make lifestyle or behavioral adjustments to better manage your sleep apnea. Anyone can develop sleep apnea regardless of age or gender, but changing your sleep position, quitting smoking, and losing excess weight may be beneficial. In order to find the best solution for your particular needs, Dr. Kendall will collaborate with you. You can get the good night’s sleep you deserve with his assistance.

A serious condition called sleep apnea can cause daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other health issues. The most efficient form of treatment is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), though there are other options as well. With CPAP, you spend the night wearing a mask that is connected to a machine. Your breathing passages are kept open throughout the night by the system pushing air through them. Sadly, a lot of people find CPAP uncomfortable and have trouble falling asleep while using the mask. However, there are a number of ways to improve the comfort of CPAP, including the use of a humidifier or a different kind of mask. Additionally, new innovations like masks that only deliver air through the nose are making CPAP more tolerable. If you are having trouble using CPAP, discuss modifications with your doctor so you can receive the necessary care.

You might be familiar with CPAP machines if you have been given a sleep apnea diagnosis. By supplying a constant stream of air through a mask worn while sleeping, these devices aid in controlling breathing. But because using CPAP can be uncomfortable and challenging, many people eventually give up using the device. Dr. Kendall can assist if you’re looking for an alternative to CPAP. We provide custom mouthpieces that are made to improve the position of your mouth and permit unrestricted airflow. Many people tolerate these mouthpieces better than CPAP because they are more comfortable. Please call our office to arrange a consultation if you want to know more about this choice.

Schedule a Consultation Today?

At our practice, we are committed to assisting patients in receiving the care they require to enhance their health. We can help if you have sleep apnea. To ensure that you receive the best care possible, our office offers individualized consultations. We provide a range of sleep apnea treatment options, and we’ll work with you to find the best one for your requirements. Additionally, we provide a range of payment options to make sure you can afford the care you require. Call us right away to arrange your consultation, and we’ll assist you in beginning your journey toward better health.