Surprising Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Surprising Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

We all want to be careful when it comes to our dental health. Who wants to have cavities and decay? So we do what we are told, avoiding too much sugar and brushing and flossing every day. But did you know that there are some hidden culprits of poor dental health? Read on to find out some surprising things that are causing damage to your teeth.


Juicing- While bottles of the cold-pressed fruits and veggies have loads of nutrients, juices have pretty high sugar content, some so much so that you may as well be swishing with chocolate sauce. All that sugar is consumed by bacteria in our mouths and converted into an acid that eats away at our enamel.


Tip: Drink juice through a straw to avoid the surfaces of your teeth and brush after you finish that delicious juice. Just be sure to wait about 45 minutes to an hour to brush because all that acid softens your enamel and brushing could cause more harm than good.


Chewable vitamins- Vitamins are good for you right? Except for when they are chewy, Sticky, and sugary sweet. They stick to teeth so well that they are bound to give you a cavity or two.


Tip: Take your vitamins in pill form. If you must have the gummies, however, be sure to brush your teeth after you take them to get all of that sugar off of your teeth.


Dried fruits- Fresh fruits are good for your teeth, but dried fruits are packed with non-soluble fiber, which is why they stick so well to your teeth. And in the same way that chewable vitamins do, being stuck on to your teeth traps all of that sugar.


Tip: Brush and floss immediately to get rid of the cavity-causing sugar from the surface of your teeth.  Over-brushing- Believe it or not, brushing and flossing too much can also cause significant damage. It can wear away at your enamel or cause your gums to recede.


Tip: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle to your gums. Be careful when flossing too so you don’t damage your gums.


There are many things that can cause harm to your teeth. But with the right hygiene and regular check-ups, you don’t need to worry.


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