New Smile.

New Life!

New Smile.

New Life!

Permanent Full Smile Implants

Dental Implants – Changing The Way We Live 

On average 3 million people worldwide have Dental Implants. Besides those numbers another 500,000 on average, yearly will receive Dental Implants according to The American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Since 1977 dental implants have been changing the lives of those patients suffering from pain, health issues, or general discomfort. 

Dental Implants have improved the way of life and the quality of life for many patients who have received them. And they can for you too. 

Who are implants for? 

Simply put, Dental Implants can be for anyone. 

Whether you suffer from pain, discomfort, decay, self-esteem issues, poor oral health, loss of oral support, degenerative bones in the jaw, or if you are generally unsatisfied with your current set of teeth – Dental Implants are the permanent solution to your soon to be temporary issue.

All-On-Four Implants 

The more preferred option for Dental Implants is the ‘All-On-Four Dental Implants’, also known as a ‘Full-Arch Implant’. 

Avoid bone loss, periodontal disease, and the pain that comes from removing dentures daily with the All – On – Four implants!

Undergoing a full arch implant treatment is the only tried and true way to fully restore appearance, comfort, and functionality as if they were your natural teeth in their optimal health. 

What should you expect from the procedure? 

Below we have listed a step by step process of receiving your first set of Dental Implants with Texas Sedation Dental. Here’s what to expect from us: 

  1. Your dentist will make you comfortable. 
  2. Sedation will be administered to relieve anxiety and pain 
  3. Your dental surgeon will prepare your mouth for the implants
  4. They will then remove your problem teeth 
  5. After the removal of the needed teeth, the dentist will remove any infected tissue from your gums 
  6. Next comes the implantation process 
  7. Inserting of the screws into the pallet 
  8. Once in place, the dentist will thoroughly clean the inside of your mouth
  9. Sutures will be put in place 
  10. Wake up in recovery with a new smile, ready to start your new life. 

From start to finish – our team here at Texas Sedation Dental will take the utmost care of you, and your smile. 

The key benefits of the AO4 Dental Implants

  1. Fully functioning teeth – the same day
  2. Improve your self-esteem 
  3. Improve your appearance
  4. The ability to eat foods without reservations 
  5. A smile to last a life-time 

Changing Lives – One Implant at a time 

Walk out with a smile – the same day! 

Our All-On-Four Dental Implants are considered to be an “outpatient procedure”. This means you will walk-in with your old smile,  and leave our office with not only a new smile but a new life. 

Not only should you feel good, but you should have confidence in looking great too!

The First Day of The Rest of Your life

Highly recommended by dentists and patients, the All-on-4 dental implant procedure will give you a lot to smile about! 

Take charge of your teeth, health, and life today with the new All-On-Four Implants through Texas Sedation Dental.

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